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Cafe Loren!

Opening in 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

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The Café Loren was opened in 1978 as Avalon's first fine dining BYOB. Nestled around the Avalon Freeze, Avalon's 1950's landmark ice cream stand, we have maintained an atmosphere of casual seashore elegance with a friendly and professional staff for 38 years.

For nearly four decades our menu has kept pace with American culinary trends. Over the years heavy French influence has given way to American cuisine, a happy hybrid comprised of styles, methods and ingredients from around the globe. Our menu can best be described as "American Coastal Cuisine." American because of our diverse preparations and Coastal because of our emphasis on seafood. But meat lovers have not been forgotten. We also offer superbly prepared lamb, veal, beef and pork.

Chef/owner Stephen Serano has spent time with some of the best in any kitchen including three years in New York City with Chef Gordon Ramsey of "Hell's Kitchen" fame. He brings all of this to the table and continues to be progressive with his dishes including house made desserts and creative daily additions to our regular menu.

Everyone seems to know someone at the Café Loren. Patty & Mark want you to be one of the regulars who make the Café Loren a must each summer!

Visa, Mastercard and Discover are accepted.

We encourage you to make a reservation. Our phones are answered every day we are open after 2pm or you can reserve instantly online by clicking the “Reserve Now” button.